T1D - ULTRA Ceramic Spray Coating

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T1D - Tier 1 Detail Company 

ULTRA is a true SIO2 (silica dioxide) Ceramic Spray Coating that delivers professional results in minutes for pro detailers and enthusiasts alike. It delivers unreal gloss, hyper slickness, and a fantastic user experience. ULTRA can be used on virtually any surface including paint, glass, plastics, wheels, and gel coat. Lasting 9+ months, you can now ceramic coat any vehicle, aircraft, or vessel in minutes with a true coating not just a mere "ceramic wax" or "sealant". ULTRA is designed to be used as a standalone coating or a maintenance top coat for existing ceramic coatings.


1. Grab 2 quality microfiber towels (generally low pile are best)

2. Spray about 5 initial sprays into the first towel and apply to one section at a time (about a fender, door, or half of a hood)

3. Wipe on evenly, product will flash (disappear) immediately.

4. Gently buff with the second towel to an ultra slick, glossy finish.

5. Repeat for the rest of the vehicle, but only 1 or 2 additional sprays will be required per section.